Fashion Business Administration

Master Fashion Administration Madrid
The Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration (FBA) combines the subjects of an MBA, taught by professors from the IESE Business School and the University of Navarra through the case method, with others specific topics to the fashion sector, developed both by prestigious managers and business people as by invited professors.

The master aims to provide the needs of a constantly changing market. The fashion industry increasingly demands professionals with specific management skills and a global vision of fashion in its most general concept.

Furthermore, the FBA is the only official Master in Fashion Business Administration in Spain, approved by the Ministry of Education and valid throughout the European Union, according to the new European Higher Education Area (EHEA).


  • Duration: 10 months (Sep 22-Jun 23)
  • Title: Official (valid throughout the EU)
  • Format: Executive (Friday and Saturday)
  • Methodology: Case method
  • Language: English
  • Location: MADRID / MILAN / PARIS
  • Price: € 25,150
  • ECTS: 60
Students of the Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration (FBA) must have the capacity to acquire new knowledge and tools that help them perform managerial tasks in the fashion industry.

To that end, they must have a clear interest in developing skills such as:

- Negotiation skills (business vision, customer orientation, resource management, etc.).

- Interpersonal skills (communication, conflict management, delegation, team work, etc.).

- Personal skills (proactivity, initiative, tenacity, personal management, time management, information management, stress management, personal improvement, self-criticism, self-knowledge, learning, self-government, balance, integrity, etc.)..
Profesor Master moda ISEM
  • Teresa Sádaba

    Communications · ISEM
  • Clemente Hernández

    Merchandising Planning for Fashion Industry · Consultor
  • Silvia Ortega

    Luxury Brands & Premium Lifestyle · Consultora
  • Manuel Domínguez

    Retail · Mayoral
  • Luis Huete

    Methodology - IESE
  • Irene Fariña

    Fabrics · Sartia
  • Xavier Oliver

    Brands & Customer Behaviour · IESE


Each alumni is an ISEM ambassador in the world, therefore, we make a constant effort to maintain contact with our alumni and enrich our master's degree with their participation. With the FBA you will make contacts that maybe tomorrow's opportunities.



    CEO & founder at Bousiinne
    ""The teachers of the master have inspired me and have given me the knowledge to start on my project"

    Footwear Buyer at Noon
    "ISEM allows you to interact with talented people from all over the world, which improves your experience in the Master, giving you a different point of view of the business"

    Founder at Moi&Sas

    "With the idea of undertaking fashion, there was always the question "where do I start?" ISEM gave me precisely the tools that answered my question"


    CFO Ecoalf

    "The Master allowed me to achieve a more global and complete vision of the fashion world, learn with other colleagues and apply this knowledge in my work in the sector".


    Footwear Director at Mango

    "ISEM convinced me for its philosophy of combining creative talent with business talent. The prestige that ISEM has in the market and its good relations with the main companies in the sector translates into the real possibility of offering professional opportunities to its alumni"

  • The University of Navarra offers 36 degrees, 34 master's degrees and 21 PhD programs taught in different cities:  Pamplona, San Sebastián, Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, New York and Sao Paolo. 
  • The new HQ of the University of Navarra in Madrid assures quality education aimed to students and profesionals.. 
  • The building has more than 13.500 square metres distributed in 10 classrooms, with capacity for more than 400 students, 19 workshops, a lecture hall and an amphitheatre.   


Since 2001

ISEM Fashion Business School, center of the University of Navarra in Madrid, is the first business school specialized in fashion companies that exist in Spain, since 2001.

ISEM provides the necessary knowledge and tools, in a training environment, for the development of people capable of managing creativity with a sense of social responsibility, ethical motivations, and critical intelligence.

Throughout these years, ISEM Fashion Business School has achieved a unique balance between specialized knowledge and practical experience.

Career Services provides support to its students and alumni in the job search and development of their competences and skills that companies currently demand.

ISEM maintains permanent contact with its Alumni. The Corporate Development department is still available to its former students to help them enter the market as well as to develop their professional careers in new companies.

At ISEM we want to accompany each student, guiding him, not only in his most immediate future but throughout his entire career.


ISEM offers its students and alumni the possibility of improving the development of their professional careers through individualized orientation sessions to work on aspects such as:

- Career planning.
- Dynamics of a selection process.
- CV improvement.

Internships and employment

In the course, several companies come exclusively to meet and interview FBA students, to cover possible vacancies within the company. Some of these companies are: Inditex, Grupo Tendam, Loewe, Grupo Pepe Jeans, Sociedad Textil Lonia, LVMH, Desigual, H&M, Encuentro Moda, Bimba & Lola, Mango and Bestseller, among many others.

On the other hand, ISEM alumni also have the option of accessing the job market and applying for the various job offers.

Professional profiles

The ISEM training gives a complete vision of the fashion business, for this reason, the professional profiles are very different:

- Purchases
- Communication and marketing
- Distribution
- Finance
- Logistics
- Operations
- Planning
- Product Management
- Retail
- Visual Merchandising
Salidas profesionales master moda
Asignaturas Master moda
The academic program for the Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration is structured by areas focused on the fashion business from a global point of view and a general direction. This program’s central focus is the planning of a collection from the raw material to the sale of the product in the store.


The general objective of the Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration (FBA) is the professional improvement in the performance of the directive tasks of the people who study this program.

General Competences

- Develop problem-solving thinking. 

- Get used to thinking critically and propose creative solutions to problems.

- Ability to use information and knowledge effectively

- Develop personal management skills and prioritize objectives

- Achieve effective performance in teamwork environments. 

- Develop communication skills

- Develop negotiation skills

- Develop entrepreneurial initiative and behavior skills

- Develop the ability to acquire new knowledge

- Be able to recognize and deal with ethical dilemmas and social responsibility in an appropriate manner


The Executive Master in Fashion Business Administration provides a time of intense study and deep reflection. It is an excellent option for experienced professionals who wish to take a leap in their training, without the need to open parenthesis in their work. The Pedagogical Method of the Program is as follows:


2- FINAL PROJECT OF MASTER: Company Creation Project

3- EXTERNAL PRACTICES: Business Consulting Project

4- INTENSIVE COURSES at IFM Paris and SDA Bocconi Milan


Curricular Structure

The program contains 4 modules with compulsory subjects and subjects by course, a total of 60 ECTS

MODULE I: Fundamentals (25 ECTS)
- Business situation analysis
- Accounting and Finance for Management
- Marketing Fundamentals
- Culture and Fashion
- Human Behavior
- Operations in the Fashion Industry

MODULE II: Applied module (23 ECTS)
- Negotiation
- General Management of Fashion Companies
- Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Initiative
- Fashion Marketing

MODULE III: Master’s Final Dissertation (6.0 ECTS credits)

MODULE IV: External Internships (6.0 ECTS credits)
Business consulting projects